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Tips on RV Air Conditioning

Saturday 26 January 2019 - 23:05:09

It seems the most common appliance to go out is the air conditioner. I’m often asked if there was anything that could have been done to have made it last longer and is there any way to replace a part instead of the whole unit. The answer is usually yes. Let’s start with making it last longer. The most important thing is the same as a unit: change the filter. I know it is obvious but it’s also really easy to forget but have seen many compressors go out because they have had to work hard trying to cool through a dirty condenser. (Condensers can be cleaned and if done in it can save conditioner)

Next is the fan setting. In this region for most of the your air conditioner should be running on fan or high auto. The reason is humidity is over 40% and the temperature is 80 degrees or higher the condenser can freeze up and a sheet of ice if there is not enough air circulation. Then there are actual problems. There are multiple parts to an R.V. air conditioner and it is worth it to replace most of these parts. The main exception is the compressor as the process of replacing that is very labor intensive, difficult and expensive. So expensive that it is cheaper to replace the whole upper unit. Other than that fan motors, controls boards, ceiling assemblies, thermostats, compositors, etc can all be replaced. You will need a tech to diagnose these issues but its good to know most things can be repaired rather than replaced. One last thing upper air conditioner units are sealed units and are not meant to be recharged.



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