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Roof maintenance

Sunday 30 September 2018 - 05:44:41

Whether it is on a traditional house or an R.V., maintaining your roof is vital.  
On R.V.s you will run into three main roof types: metal, fiberglass, and rubber.  We will cover all of these, but this is just a basic guide, and you should speak with a tech about your specific roof needs. Regardless of roof type, you should have your roof looked at at least once a year.  It’s also a good idea to look at your roof after taking a trip as tree branches and debris can damage roofs.

Maintenance usually includes sealing the seems.  Sometimes oxidation occurs on the metal and coating the metal becomes necessary but most of the time using a sealant made for metal is sufficient.  Metal roofs should be checked more regularly for cracks in seals than other roof types because they tend to flex more and expand and retract with the temperature. 

Maintenance on this one is essential.  The fiberglass needs to be washed and waxed to keep it in good shape and the seals need to be kept up on.  
Fiberglass is very strong and lasts for a very long time but if a leak occurs and damages the structure beneath the fiberglass it is very labor intensive to repair it, so make sure you take care of this type of roof and it will take care of you.

Rubber roofs have several types so for this we will be focusing on the type made by decor which is the most common.  These need to be treated twice a year according to the manufacturer.  The treatment includes washing with a special cleaner that does not harm the rubber roof (don’t use dish soap) and coating the roof with a UV treatment.  Most RV places will include sealing around your vents in the price of the treatment.  This is something you can do yourself if you are comfortable climbing on your own roof, just go to your local R.V. Store and ask for the cleaner and UV protectant for decor rubber roofs and they should happily sell you some.  That being said please have a tech look at your rubber roof and make sure of what type you have.



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